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“Who is Jesus” is a book that explores 21 qualities of Jesus, and was written for the believer, the seeker, and the curious.

Christianity is a relationship, not a religion. Jesus is a Person, not a programme or a process.

With all that is happening around us, there's no better time to share about the Person of Jesus, the intimate Relationship we can have with Him, and how each of His qualities and characteristics apply deeply to our lives.

If Jesus is a Friend, how does that apply to me if I'm only a seeker? If He truly is a Son of God, what difference does that make to my identity as a believer? As a leader, what can He teach me about servant leadership at work?

This book was designed as a coffee-table book, conversation-starter, and evangelism tool; bringing viewers on a journey through beautiful scenic photography and minimalist design.

What better gift is there than the opportunity to get to know Jesus?

Product Details

Size: B5 (176 x 250mm)
Binding: Perfect Binding
Paper Type: 120gsm, Woodfree, Uncoated
Pages: 96 Pages


  • 21 Qualities of Jesus Written by Vicki Tekwani
  • Photos Contributed by Nathaniel Leong, A Little Black Box, and Unsplash
  • Printed in Full Colour, UV Spot on Cover

*Photos are for illustration purposes only. Colours may vary due to lighting conditions.

Read about God's heart for the one.

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