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Stories of Jesus | Book

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There's a reason the parables of Jesus have not just been retold for over two millenia, but are the cornerstone on which many, many believers build their lives.

Here's the thing though - these stories weren't created just for believers. In His day, when the light of these stories first entered the world, many of His listeners were merely seekers. People like you and me. Again, I'm not talking about believers, but seekers. You see, no matter who you are, you are seeking something - something lasting, something true. Truth-seekers - that's what all we all are, whether we know it or not, whether we believe in Jesus or not. We seek the truth in our own ways - some crooked, some upright - and not many find it because not many are actively seeking in the right places.

Well, we have always had the answers - in the words of Jesus. This book, Stories of Jesus, will take you through a journey of digging into His parables, meditating on their truths, and discovering how their principles cannot be separated from our lives.

This book was not written for the believer. It was written for those who seek answers. It was written for YOU.

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Size: B5 (176 x 250mm)
Binding: Perfect Binding
Cover Type: 250gsm Art Card, UV Spot
Paper Type: 150gsm, Gloss Art Paper, Uncoated
Pages: 96 Pages


21 Parables of Jesus & writeup by Vicki Tekwani
Design & Creative: The Project J

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Stories of Jesus | Book
Stories of Jesus | Book Sale price$29.00 SGD