Human Label | Standard Vinyl Sticker (Bundle of 5)

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Human Label: The raw ingredients of humanity

Introducing the 'Human Label' tee — an authentic stamp of humanity in all its glorious imperfections. With a barcode on the front and a nutrition label parody on the back, this design playfully yet thoughtfully explores the components that make you, you.

From 'Memories' to 'Fears,' to ‘Faith’ and ‘Longing’, it's an unflinching self-portrait; a full-spectrum look at our human condition. Cage-free and 100% organic, just like you and me.


Product Details

Type: Standard Vinyl*, Kiss-cut, Rectangle
Size: 100 x 70mm
Qty: 5 sheets

* Vinyl Stickers are waterproof and tear-proof, even weatherproof for certain kinds.
Your go-to choice for durable and outdoor stickers. Printed from excellent quality material making them perfect on skincare products, frozen food, automobiles, and more.


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Psalm 5:12