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What's in the bundle:
One pin each for the ones who encourage and spur you on in your walk with Jesus! 😍

APOSTLE | The Dream Awakener

As the Minister of National Development, a.k.a. The Apostle, your main responsibilities are to:

  • Call out others' gifts, potential, and destinies
  • See what needs to be done and ignite action
  • Lead strategically to accomplish kingdom missions

PASTOR | The Soul Healer

As the Minister of Social & Family Development, aka The Pastor, your main responsibilities are to:

  • Actively listen with empathy
  • Help others make better choices
  • Build up healthy people through Biblical discipleship

EVANGELIST | The Storyteller

As the Minister of Foreign Affairs, a.k.a. The Evangelist, your main responsibilities are to:

  • Invite people into God's family
  • Proclaim truth with boldness
  • Inspire faith and enthusiasm for the things of God

PROPHET | The Revealer

As the Minister of Communications & Information, a.k.a. The Prophet, your main responsibilities are to:

  • Feel and understand God's heart for others
  • Discern whether something is of God or not
  • Encourage and strengthen the Church

TEACHER | The Light Giver

As the Minister of Education, a.k.a. The Teacher, your main responsibilities are to:

  • Bring clarity and clear answers into situations
  • Simplify complex ideas and concepts
  • Inspire in others a love for God's word


These pins are the perfect gift to encourage and spur on those around you to step into their God-given kingdom role!

5-Fold Commissioning Pins | Bundle
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