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Article: Should I Do Good?

Should I Do Good?

Should I Do Good?

Do good. Shop for Good.

What does it even mean? Does it matter to me? Should I care?

Having been in the Social Service sector for close to 7 years, I’ve seen the hard work put in by just one worker to help make the lives of a family better. After months of counselling and providing resources (manpower, supplies, finances) to aid in restoration, some days things can suddenly take a turn for the worst - clients walking away and turning their backs on you. And sometimes, they only return your calls when they are in need of more resources. 

Need instant reward and recognition for the work you’ve done? Not gonna get any. Often, there are simply no rewards.

So you ask: is it all worth it?

Let’s pause here and take a minute (or more) to count the number of times we failed God, when we chose to turn our backs and walk away from Him.

I ask God this question all the time: ‘Is it worth it? Am I worth it?’

No prizes for guessing the right answer.

We may not see instant rewards, but with consistent care and love, one day the trees will bear fruits.

The Project J Shop For Good Bible Journals

“Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.” - Galatians 6:9

I am not asking you to join the Social Service sector. You don’t have to be a Social Worker or be in the Social Service sector to do good. You can if you want to, but you don’t have to. Neither am I interested to start a debate on whether certain individuals or groups are worth helping.

My point is that God cares. His heart is for the lost, the broken, the oppressed, the hurting, the marginalised, the orphans, and the widows. Let’s not forget that at some point in our lives, we were lost, broken, oppressed, hurting, and marginalised but God came for us. God cares. And that’s enough reason for us to get our hands dirty, to partner with Him to see social justice prevail in this land.


Should I Do Good? The Project J Bible Journals

There are countless ways to do good, and to love our neighbours in their low seasons.

If you feel like you have nothing to give, nothing to offer - that’s a lie.

We have all been given gifts, talents, and resources. The question is, how are we stewarding them?

  • If you have a knack for cooking, perhaps considering cooking for a nearby shelter once a month?
  • If you’re an artist or designer, use your art and designs send messages to raise awareness for social causes. Perhaps volunteer your services for an upcoming charity fundraiser?
  • If you’re a business owner with the gift of making wealth, perhaps consider donating X amount of money annually to a selected charity?
  • If you’ve a social media account, consider using it to spread awareness on social justice issues.

Even if none of the above applies to you, there are still many tiny acts of kindness that will help build the culture of Good.

  • Give up your seat on the train to someone who needs it more.
  • Smile at the grumpy store owner who may have had a bad day.
  • Be patient with the old lady at the cashier queue.
  • Encourage someone. Write a note. Send gifts.
  •  Buy a meal for a homeless man.

Be involved. Do good. Start good conversations on social justice issues. Challenge mindsets to align with God’s biblical worldviews.

Your five loaves and two fish can feed five thousand. Step out.

What seems small to you may just be what God wants to use in building a culture of kindness and good.

I dream of a world where our first instinct is to do good, to be kind, to show love, instead of seeking self-preservation, self-gain, and monetary profits. We can earn all the money in the world but, friends, that’s not the currency in God’s kingdom. Lest we forget the way His economy works, let us store up for ourselves treasures in heaven.

Should I Do Good? The Project J Shop Journals

#TPJx coming to you on 20 August 2019. 

An initiative using creativity and businesses to kickstart the culture of Good in Singapore and beyond.

We teamed up with 10 artists to design 10 notebooks in support of 10 social causes.

Two notebooks will be released on the 20th of each month from Aug - Dec. Join in the fun, why get notebooks when you can get notebooks AND be part of doing good at the same time?

20% of the proceeds* will go towards supporting 10 non-profit organisations locally and globally. *During the first month of launch.

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