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Article: Dreams: The Language Of Heaven

Dreams: The Language Of Heaven

Dreams: The Language Of Heaven

I’m a dreamer. You could even say I’m a heavy dreamer. I don’t mean that I daydream, but that I dream in my sleep. A LOT. It’s rare for me to get up from sleep - even short naps - without having had one or a few dreams.

I love dreams. A whole new reality, where literally anything could happen. The moments where you thought you’d died but realise with much relief that you hadn’t. The weird and beautiful colours, ideas, and characters that often defy the laws of physics and nature. Even the darker dreams, where it’s like watching a horror film, except much more blurry and unstable (which I appreciate). The wonder of it all. I love dreams.

However, have you ever wondered what it was all for? What is the purpose of dreams? Or do they have none, other than to manifest in the subconscious realm because of the hor fun and teh halia we had the night before?

I submit to you that dreams do not exist for nothing; that they are the ‘language of heaven’, as Lou Engle put it.


The Project J Dreams Lou Engle Prophetic

Dreams are God’s communication tool to us. Strategic, surely, catching us in brief moments of time (one night compared to eternity is rather brief) where our guard is completely let down, where we are utterly unhindered by the lenses, preconceptions, and doubts that so plague us in our waking hours. Clever. Can’t expect otherwise from God’s infinite wisdom.

Sure, we have ‘body dreams’. These, according to dream guru James Goll, are dreams that are a direct result of things we consume and experience during the day: movies, music, occurrences, or that lovely Hawaiian pizza (mmm…). Simply put, if we watch a movie about horses and we dream about horses, we can safely say that’s a body dream and not a divinely significant one (I’m generalising here). Another popular example is when we physically need to pee, and we dream about doing so. In such a case, try and wake up to answer the call of nature if you want to maintain a dry bed. Refuse and you’ll regret it. Trust me.


All that said, it is rarely ever ‘just a dream’. How do we know this? Is this biblical?

Oh, this is more true than the fact that walruses are wonderful, fat mammals (which is very true). The Bible tells us that God speaks to His people through dreams (Numbers 12:6, Joel 2:28, Job 33:14-15). Many in the Bible have received divine revelation and instruction through dreams, as well as the gift of interpreting them.

God warned Abimelech in the dream about taking Abraham’s wife as his own. God spoke to Jacob’s son, Joseph, multiple times through dreams, and gave him the ability to interpret them with uncanny accuracy. God revealed to (Mary’s) Joseph in a dream about the supernatural conception of Jesus in his betrothed’s womb. There is so much more.

And in case you’re wondering, yes, God never changes and He does still speak to His people through dreams. God longs for an intimate relationship with us, and as with anyone intimately close, He loves to share things on His heart and mind.



Often, the purpose of dreams is to call the dreamer to action of some sort - prayer, declaration, and various other things. For example, if you wake up in the middle of the night having dreamt of someone you know (or don’t know) in danger, it might be a good idea to ask God to intervene in their situation and perhaps contact that person to see how they’re doing or ask how you can help/pray.

Those are crucial times. Always always maintain a tender heart towards the Holy Spirit, and never quench His promptings after waking. Obey quickly - it could very well be a matter of life and death - not in fear, but in faith that God Himself spoke to you in this specific time and place for a divine reason.

However, there are times we dream when we ‘pick things up’ in the spirit realm, similar to tapping into a stray radio signal and overhearing a distant conversation.

Expounding on the activities of the spirit realm will take more page space than we have, but suffice to say, unlike the physical world, the spirit realm never sleeps. Things are planned, discussed, spoken, thought, and done in the spirit of which most of us are unaware - and because the physics of time and space do not apply to that realm the same way it does ours, some of those things may not have happened yet (literally ahead of our time). The spiritually sensitive among us are then likely to unintentionally pick up on some of those things, which then manifest in our dreams.

Promise (my wife and co-Founder of TPJ) once dreamt that her friend’s grandmother went to the hospital. The next day, that friend’s grandmother went to the hospital. I’m sure she was like, ‘Whuuuuut!’ [insert appropriate meme], which was probably also how both Josephs reacted when they first got crazy spiritual dreams. She was a young student back then, and hadn’t really learnt about all this, and so I believe she was simply picking up something that was about to happen, and was not meant to have done anything about it. It might just have been God’s way of informing her of this prophetic gift.




All of us are prophetic to an extent (meaning we can hear from God), and we know He is a good Father who loves to speak to His children. So perk up those spiritual antennae, and when you lie on your pillow tonight, ask Papa for a message. Close your eyes knowing that you’re about to temporarily leave one realm and embark on another adventure for the next 8 hours or so.

Having received this revelation about the significance of dreams, I have never gone to bed the same. Likewise, I hope this article has inspired you to approach each nocturnal respite with a sense of expectation, anticipation, and excitement. Your body will probably get to rest, but the spirit never sleeps.


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