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Article: Learning To Seek God

Learning To Seek God

The Bible often tells us to seek the Lord, love Him, inquire of Him, and pursue Him. But if God is everywhere all the time, why do we need to seek Him? To seek God is to turn to God, have the desire to be in a relationship with Him, and come into His presence for fulfilment, strength, and help.

Friendship with God is a start, and to truly desire a deeper relationship with Him is even more of a blessing. It is what He wants from us too. We are to seek God because we love and adore Him, so much that we can’t bear to be apart from Him. 

So how exactly do we seek God? Here are 5 ways that will help you on your journey:


1. Be Humble


God has commanded us numerous times in the Bible to ‘humble ourselves’. It is our responsibility to humble ourselves and to be like Jesus in His humility. Jesus was God Himself, but yet He set aside His power and glory to become a part of the world many years ago. He was humble and obeyed our Heavenly Father to the point where He was being treated like a criminal, tortured and died on the cross for our sins. He exemplified a humble life, which every Christian is to imitate.


2.Taking in the Word

The Bible shows us God’s character and it provides us God’s revelation of Himself to His people. In each section of the Bible, we witness God’s constant, faithful, gracious, and loving character. Build a time into your day to read the Scripture, and make this time a priority. Regularly reading the Bible helps us to reorient our thinking and align our hearts with God’s so that we can grow in maturity.


3. Frequent Prayer

Reading the Bible and going to church is not enough if you are looking to have a closer relationship with God. Repeatedly, we are told to pray night and day in Scripture. Prayer is our communication with God. Prayer is our weapon. As we pray, not only are we opening the gate of communication with God, we will also be able to discern His desire for us and the purpose He has installed in our hearts.


4. Lean on God’s Grace

It can be tempting to muscle our way through life, but at the end of the day, we will still find ourselves falling short. Learn to commune with God throughout the day, and rest in His grace in the areas that you fall short in. It was never by our own efforts, but by the finished work that Jesus has done for us on the cross.


5. Worship

Worship is one of the most powerful ways to connect directly to the love, power, and grace of God. During worship, our walls get torn down, just as God has torn the veil at the death of Christ. As we worship the Lord, our hearts become soft and open to the glorious majesties of God’s nearness. In worship, He makes His nearness known to us and fills us with the power of His presence.

Seeking God is not an easy process, but the effort it requires is always worthwhile. God is with us on this journey, and He wants us to seek Him wholeheartedly. He is our constant Companion, Father, Friend, and Lover who is always with us.

Once we know Him in such an intimate way, we will not want to live life any other way. Would you make the decision to seek God daily today? ◡̈

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