Is God Your "911 Helpline"?

Do your desires for things dictate your prayer life?
Do your circumstances decide when you reach out to God?
Do you pick up your Bible only to see what it says about a certain situation you're in?
Or to find verses to pray for and declare over your loved ones?

Yes, God has indeed told us to ask for things and to present every request before Him.
But if that is the only time we seek Him, are we desiring to know Him for who He is, or are we just in it for the benefits?

Do you start to pray more when money gets tight?
Do you only pick up your Bible when your life is falling apart?

Yes, God should be the first place we run to when things get hard or when we are suffering.
But if that is the only time we pray and/or pick up the Bible, are we building a solid relationship with Him even when everything is going great?

Do we really desire to know God? Or Is He our 911 helpline – there for us to call upon just to get us out of difficult times and deep waters?

God is God. He is good.
He loves us regardless of our motives.
He comes for us regardless of our intentions.
He longs to lavish love on us and He desires for our hearts to be reconciled with Him.
He wants to have a real relationship with you.


If your tendency has always been to only seek God because of the benefits He offers you, may we encourage you from today, be a God-seeker, not a God-user?

1. Pray for a heart to seek God and to know Him.
2. Confess your tendency to seek God only because of His benefits to you. Pray for new habits of seeking God just because He's good.
3. Choose to seek God proactively. Cultivate proactive habits of Bible reading and prayer that stay consistent.
4. Treat God like a Person – He has emotions, likes and dislikes.
5. Read your Bible, His love letters to you, to get to know Him.

In any relationship, such as a friendship or family connection, we don’t focus on what we can get from the other person, or at least, we shouldn’t. Why would our relationship with God be any different? ◡̈

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