Importance Of Christian Community

Scriptures say we are best suited to walk our days with a companion and that two is better than one. 


Why is being in a Christian community so important?


Need for Community

We are made for community. Having close relationships with other believers allow us to pray for, encourage, and serve alongside one another. Being in a community also makes room for the open, honest conversations that if left unsaid, would take us down an uncertain winding path. 


Need for Accountability 

The Holy Spirit is our personal guide who will convict and direct us, and the Christian community helps us to grow deeper in our relationship with Him. ◡̈ When choosing a person to open up to and hold you accountable, let it be someone who is spiritually mature, someone whom you trust and respect, and who desires to see you grow in your faith. This person is essential in your growth journey because he/she will offer a form of guidance, advice, support, and encouragement.


We are not meant to live alone. We are meant to be connected and stay connected with like-minded believers, to go through every obstacle, every win, and every dream together as a family. In times of doubt and uncertainty, there is someone to reassure our purpose and to speak life into the dead places.


If you have been isolating yourself for any reason at all, may we encourage you to start letting others back in? ◡̈ 


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See you there! ◡̈

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