How Can We Be Rich Towards God

Most of the time, we focus so much on how we can be rich for ourselves that we do not stop and think about how we can be rich towards God. The world-systems persuade us to live our lives by living towards the goal of enriching ourselves, to lay up treasures for ourselves and be rich toward ourselves.

However, Romans 12:2 tells us that we should not be conformed to the standards or teachings of the world.

There is more to life than the pursuit of worldly wealth & possessions. Jesus told us that our status in life and the quality of our lives cannot be measured by our wealth or possessions. Our quality of life is measured instead only by God and how God Himself sees us.

So how can we be rich towards God?

1. Cultivate an attitude of generosity towards the poor, friends and your loved ones. Give a part of your income to the things of God – church offerings, donations to God-centered ministries.
2. Invest your time and energy into doing the work and will of God for your life.

We are rich toward God also when we realise that our security is in God and that God Himself is our treasure and riches.

What have you been seeking in your personal life?
Have you been seeking the gift instead of The Giver?

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