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Article: Depressed Christians | What should a Christian do when they are depressed?

Depressed Christians | What should a Christian do when they are depressed?

What should a Christian do when they are depressed? Depression is misunderstood by so many people. It often also carries a social stigma. For depressed Christians, finding true healing is not easy. It takes time, patience, and faith. 

If you're a Christian who suffers from depression, we hope these loving reminders will help you in your faith journey with God. ◡̈ 

Loving Reminders to Encourage Depressed Christians

1. You are not cut off from God. 

Depressed Christians 1

Always remember: Jesus will always be our ultimate friend amid our pain. By his work, he promised us the gift of the Holy Spirit, who gives us peace, comfort, and guidance every day of our lives.

Trust that no matter how depressed you feel as a Christian, the Holy Spirit lives within you. You are not cut off from God's love. In fact, He couldn't be any closer!

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2. You are never alone. 

What should a Christian do when they are depressed?

The Bible actually has many examples of depressed Christians who experience darkness, loneliness, and even frustration toward God.

But here's the good news: God always comes through, for He is ever so faithful. He wants your relationship with Him to be real, deep, and profound. Yes, even amid your depression, His mercy reigns, no matter how broken you feel.

Because of His desire to be close, don't ever be afraid to share your honest feelings with Him. You are never alone, and there is no need to hide or feel ashamed.

3. His love and faithfulness transcends us.

God's love

God's love for us is entirely based on His sovereign character, grace, and goodness. Our faith has never been about us 'doing things' (i.e. earning brownie points) for Jesus. Rather, it is based on all he has done for us on the cross.

Because of God's unfailing love, you can trust that, through your faith in Christ, He will never turn away from you. Give your thoughts to God and know that you can rest your heart in Him.

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4. God can bring good even out of depression. 

God's light at the end of the tunnel

Our God is a gracious God. He is able to handle your doubts, frustrations, failures, and darkest moments. Our Father loves you through it all. ◡̈

Even more amazing, you yourself may not see it just yet - but, one day, God will be able to use you as a beacon to bring hope to others, who may be hurting like you are now. Experience gives way to empathy and love.

So, trust that God has a plan for your pain. You will one day do your part to help those around you in ways you can't even imagine! Lean into Him.


In conclusion...

Depressed Christians 2

We pray these gentle reminders have given any depressed Christians some hope amid dark days.

Don't let the stigma of depression cost you the opportunity to be heard. Don't let the devil make you feel small and unloved by God (that's a lie!).

Stay strong and active among a good Christian community, and know that it's perfectly okay to ask for help and support! You are loved.

God bless you!

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