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Article: 5 Ways To Evangelise

5 Ways To Evangelise

Evangelism sounds like a big word and a huge task. But what it is, is simply sharing the Good News of Jesus. Our role has never been to convince or convict others to believe in Jesus. Don't bear that burden.

Our role is to reveal and point others to Jesus. We sow the seeds, the Lord will cause them to grow. Thought we would share some practical ways we can project Jesus to a broken world.


1. Reach out to a friend 

This is the perfect time to reach out and break the ice with non-believing friends whom you've not spoken with in a while. Start a conversation, be a friend, ask how they're doing/coping with this pandemic. Let the Holy Spirit steer the conversation and if the opportunity arises, ask if you could pray for them. 


2. Make use of your social platforms 

We live in a digital age. Many of us are on Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok, YouTube, etc. With the recent Circuit Breaker, even more have been forced to jump onto the social media bandwagon. You have a voice. You have influence. Make use of the platforms that He has blessed us with – share testimonies of His faithfulness and goodness in your life. Don't be afraid to talk about Who Jesus is in your life. Share and repost Godly content. Sow good seeds, provoke thoughts on eternity. 


3. Inspire others to be the light and salt in your community 

Encourage your community to show love in tangible ways - being salt and light can take form in random acts of kindness, praying for strangers when you're prompted to, and just being joyful wherever you go. People can come to know Jesus through the way we love others!


4. Give to those who have need 

Be a blessing to others if you can. Is there someone on your mind whom you know was hit by the recent pandemic and may need some help financially? Offer to pay for their groceries this month, or bless them with a meal or two now and then. A little goes a long way, and your act of kindness will open the heart of the hungry and show them a glimpse of our Saviour.


'Who is Jesus' book 

Sharing the Good News might be hard for you, but our team has put together a resource that will encourage you to do it boldly this season. This book is beautifully designed as a coffee-table book and a conversation-starter which brings you on a visual journey through beautiful sceneries and imagery. It is a great evangelism tool! Ask God for a list of names that you can gift this book to and take a step of faith to believe that they will encounter the Living God while reading this book.

Get your copy of 'Who is Jesus' here!

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