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Article: To The Forerunners

To The Forerunners

You grew up knowing there is more to life. You face strong opposition when you try to pursue what your heart naturally yearns after. You have to make hard decisions and live by them. You are the Joshuas and Calebs. You set the trends. You go before others and pave the way. You see a vision no one has yet seen. You walk on the path of the 'impossible'. You love fiercely when no one dares to love more. 
Others often misunderstand you and judge you. Almost no one believes in you, and whatever you say (until they witness the victory you won).
There is a particular scene in the movie that depicts accurately the strength of a forerunner -- Diana was overcome by her compassion and love for humanity and went ahead to conquer No Man's Land.
That moment Diana decided to climb up that ladder, something in my heart broke. I never imagined being in tears while watching a superhero movie.
Despite multiple stern warnings, Diana fought against all odds because she believed no one deserved to live under such conditions. The war must end. 

She did not fight for fame; she fought because of her deep love for others.
Her love for others makes her a warrior. The greatest warrior is the greatest lover. 
Such courage inspires. There is a kind of boldness that makes others want to follow and fight.
To the ones whom the crowds often laugh at for being too idealistic and silly; the ones whom the crowd thinks are too impractical and unstable; the ones who think differently from the crowd; the ones who dare to use their voices to make a difference; the ones who dare to pursue their dreams; the ones who believe that the world can be a better place:
Thank you for not giving up.
Thank you for not caving in even through the waves of failure.
Thank you for learning how to shut down the negative voices of others in your mind.
Because of your endurance and relentless belief, you paved a way for many. The impossible suddenly becomes possible.
Here's to the forerunners, thank you. Your labour in the Lord is not in vain. 

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This is so brilliantly beautiful. So heartfelt, stirring and true. Thank you for writing this!


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