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Article: Shop For Good: Story Of Naya & Liz In Nepal

Shop For Good: Story Of Naya & Liz In Nepal

By Maritha Mae

Below we share the stories of Naya & Liz (names have been changed for confidentiality purposes), who have given the past six years of their lives to serve the people of Nepal together as a team. We are honoured to have part of the proceeds of our Declaration Cards collaboration go towards supporting their work in Nepal.

Naya and Liz have seen sick people healed, people delivered from bondage and oppression, and lives surrendered to Jesus. They have trekked through mountainous regions to share the Gospel in villages without a single church or believer. They have sat with people who have never heard the name of Jesus, or even had a concept of a Creator or His love.

Home to the Himalayan mountains, and better known for Mount Everest, Nepal is a largely underdeveloped, landlocked and mountainous region, ranking as one of the poorest countries in the world. Over the past century, Nepal has experienced over 70 civil wars and suffered numerous natural disasters. Due to lack of proper infrastructure, resources reaching the people are limited. At the moment, 97% of the country’s people groups remain unreached to the gospel.* Yet the beauty of this culture and these people are what captivate ones like Naya and Liz to keep giving their lives to serve these people year after year.

When did you decide to give your lives to missions work?

Naya: It all started in 2010 when I was given the opportunity to go on a summer outreach to East Asia with my campus ministry. That trip marked my heart for the lost/unsaved and it marked my heart for the Gospel to be preached to the ends of the earth. Following that summer outreach, I attended a prayer, worship and missions conference and it was there that the Lord sent me and gave me peace to go into full time ministry, in the context of overseas missions.

Liz: From a young age God placed it in my heart to share His love with those around me. He also placed a desire in my heart to bring His truth and love to places that have yet to hear His name.

What brought you to Nepal?

Naya: Since that summer outreach, I participated in a few missions training internships, traveled and led short term and midterm outreaches within Asia and the Middle East, Nepal being one of them. I’ve been living and labouring in Nepal now for almost 6 years and have seen God’s love and power penetrate human hearts and lives.

Liz: I came here for the first time with Naya six years ago, and was captivated by the people here. I knew that I was going to live here for more than just a few months.  In the last few years I have had the privilege of seeing houses of prayer rise up in this nation. As well as see many hearts come to know the love that our Father has for them.

What kind of work do you do in Nepal?

Naya: My work here consists of gathering the body of Christ together for united prayer and worship, believing for revival in our city and nation, strengthening the local church through discipleship and training specifically with youth and young adults, partnering with local pastors and leaders as well as other workers in various ministries, empowering women to walk in their God-given destiny, and taking the gospel to the unreached regions of this country.

There have been many opportunities to disciple young believers, and I believe that God is raising up many labourers in this generation. We are seeing a generation of young people who are confident in their identities as children of God, and who are willing to give up the pleasures of this world for His name’s sake. It’s really exciting to be partnering with His work at this time and in this region.

Liz: My heart is to see people encounter the love of the Father in the place of prayer and worship. Then from that place of encounter, be sent out to share the Good News they’ve received. I also want to see the Body of Christ rise to the fullness of what He has for them. As I’ve been serving at the house of prayer here, there have been many answers to our prayers. As we gather together and worship we see people’s bodies being healed and restored. And their testimonies are changing the atmosphere of this nation.

What are Nepal’s greatest needs right now?

Naya & Liz: Right now it’s jobs for the Nepali people and helping to establish businesses that can provide jobs for them. Nepal’s poverty is due in part to it’s lack of well-paying jobs. Thousands of Nepali’s are constantly leaving this country in search of higher paying jobs to help their families survive back home.

Also, empowerment specifically for women. Women can often become vulnerable to trafficking and selling their bodies in red-light districts. It is so important for women to have a voice and a role in the development of this country.

How can we support you and the people of Nepal?

Naya & Liz: Prayer for His grace, wisdom and favour over us. Also, right now we are praying about starting a business to help support locals with jobs and funds to help start that business. We see the business as a platform for impact for His kingdom in the city and beyond.

Our desire and prayer is that the people of the mountains would encounter and know of God’s love and desire for them. That there would be a gospel witness as well as indigenous labourers sent out to the unreached regions. That worship and songs would come forth from the lips of those He loves and will redeem in the mountains. That Jesus would have high praises in the high places. That the fame of His name and knowledge of His glory would be made known in the Himalayas. Jesus is worthy to receive the reward of His suffering. Thank you so much for your help in supporting us and the people of this country!




Declaration Cards is a collaboration project between The Project J and Maritha Mae in support of the missionary work in Nepal. Part of the proceeds from the sale of these powerful cards will go directly to Naya & Liz in support of their work in Nepal. Partner with us to sow into this nation! 

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