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Article: Make it count - what does it mean?

Make it count - what does it mean?

Make it count.

What does it mean to make it count? It's about more than tasks completed; it's about aligning our days with purpose and our hearts with His presence.

As the year closes, let's pause and reflect: Did our moments matter? Have we made it count?

Let's make time to slow down, reconnect with God, find peace in His rest, and let love and service define the days ahead. Here's to living for His glory as each moment adds up to a life that truly counts. 🤍

Make it Count.

Make it count. What does it really mean?

It's more than ticking days off a calendar. It's not about doing more; it's about doing what matters most. It's about living with intention—recognising that our actions, large or small, ripple into eternity.

It means using our time, efforts, and opportunities in meaningful and effective ways that bring significance and a positive impact on our lives and the lives of others. But how?


Return to the Father. Making it count starts with coming back to the Lord — realigning your life with Him, the true source of life and purpose.

Some of you might have spent this year running from God, avoiding anything related to Him. You've closed yourself off, perhaps out of anger, tiredness, disappointment, fear, or shame.

Friends, whatever it is, would you lay down your defenses and come home? He is waiting. Have a conversation with your Father. He loves you.


Stop the constant hustling. If this year has been a relentless rush for you, it's time to slow down. And before your mind jumps to 'but I have no choice,' remember, we always have a choice.

Our world may praise the hustle, but God honors the heart. Be intentional with your time, talents, and resources. Make time to introspect with Jesus; to sit with Him. When we slow down, we create the space to hear His voice and discern His direction. Find true rest in Him and deepen your intimacy with God. Then, we can better focus on what's truly important.


Choose daily to love and serve those around you, whether in your family, church, community, or across the globe. After all, life isn't about what we accumulate but what we invest in others.

So, what does it mean to 'make it count'?

It's an invitation to a life of meaning that resonates into eternity — a commitment to live each day for Christ.

As this year draws to a close, let's reflect: How can we live in a way that when we look back, we can say, 'It counted'?

It's never too late to begin. Live each day for His glory, and you'll discover that your year, and every moment within it, truly counts. 

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