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Article: Importance Of Prayer

Importance Of Prayer

Prayer is not a big word or something difficult to do. 


Prayer is simply having a conversation with God. Through talking to God, we develop a personal, meaningful relationship with Him. It's how He can perform miracles in your heart, and how He can align your life with the visions and plans that He has for you.

Prayer is not meant to be an afterthought, or a last resort when nothing else worked. Prayer is meant to be your guiding star – the most crucial conversation of your day.


Why exactly is prayer so important?


1. Prayer shifts your focus from self to God. 

Starting your day in prayer will help you to get your mind in the right place for a more joy-filled day. Turn your daily frustrations into prayer, and call upon God to help you restore peace to your heart. Invite God into the day and ask for His help in the areas you know will be difficult.


2. Prayer helps you grow closer to God. 

Does God only play a role in your life on Sunday mornings? He wants to be in your life every day, not just on Sunday mornings. He wants the whole 168 hours every week, not just the 2 hours on Sunday. Daily prayer helps you to tap into the full potential of your faith for a life filled with peace, grace, joy and favour. Daily communion with God helps you to know His heart more and more, and grow you to be so in love with Him.


3. Answered prayers are prayers prayed.

God is real, and God is near. He is always ready for you and He is listening. He desires to spend time with you. He loves your voice. He loves talking with you! How do you expect Him to answer your prayers if you are not praying and asking for God's blessings and help? 


4. Prayer allows God to transform your heart.  

God doesn't focus on your performance, He focuses on your heart. He wants to win over your heart and move it closer to His. Prayer is where transformation happens, where your heart is healed and renewed.


5. Prayer helps to build a stronger relationship with God.

Developing a strong relationship requires frequent communication. It is the same for our relationship with God. The more you pray and share your heart with God, the stronger and more personal your relationship will be.


No matter where you are in your journey, you can commit to starting again. Will you start praying daily and be closer to God?

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