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Article: TPJ Ultimate Gift Guide: Top 10 Small Businesses To Get Your 'Spiritual' Gifts From This Season

TPJ Ultimate Gift Guide: Top 10 Small Businesses To Get Your 'Spiritual' Gifts From This Season

2020 flew by, and we are now in the best season of the year! We love the gifting season! If you are new here at TPJ, be sure to join our #PROJECTORS community on Telegram and sign up for our mailing list! Expect to find like-minded friends who love all things Journals, Journey, and Jesus. ◡̈

TPJ Gift Guide

Just gonna jump straight in to give you guys the ultimate TPJ gift guide this season curated by yours truly - friends, gift well, gift intentionally. Bless someone with a gift to empower them in their walk with God, spur them on, and push them towards a life full of God.

Shout out to some of the small local businesses mentioned below - you guys are doing great work, 2020 has been crazy for many of us, and this is just our little way of championing you guys here at TPJ! ◡̈

*Disclaimer: THIS IS NOT A SPONSORED POST. We don’t have to be paid to share good things, or to give someone a lift in their startup journey. ◡̈ 



Customise a piece of beautiful print or lettering for your squad because everyone needs a Word in Season! Check out the pieces done by Kristen Kiong, Alyletters, Doodles With Joy, and A Paper Hope. 

TPJ Gift Guide

Talented illustrator and wonder mom - Kristen also has in stock cards, prints in frames available over at starting from $15!


TPJ Gift Guide

Self taught calligrapher, Aly also has in stock cards and sticker sheets bundle (x6) starting from $15! 


TPJ Gift Guide

Choose from simple and elegant brush or script writing style by Esther! You can order your customised piece from her via IG DM!


TPJ Gift Guide

Known for her amazing watercolour pieces, Annette paints with her heart and soul! You can order customised works from her via IG DM or grab her in stock prints from!

Whoever thinks that our spiritual walk is boring and too serious, they obviously have not seen the crazy stuff The Brave Assembly is doing! Find the perfect memes cards, cutest little keychains, stickers, and pins over at their bright and cheery store. We all know that expressive extrovert someone who loves all things bright, colourful, and cheery!

Cards starting from $4.50!
TPJ Gift Guide

'Fruit of the Spirit' keychains coming to you on 21 Nov!


If you’re part of a girls group or leading one, you need to check out wholesome resources from Kallos.


Get Kallos Print & Digital annual subscription for only $39.90! (Works out to slightly more than $3 per month)

The team puts together a monthly magazine that talks about relevant topics and mentors girls in a very personal way. They address issues about BGR, mental health, spiritual dry seasons, disappointments, grief, etc. On top of the monthly magazine, Kallos also produce their own devotional and books.

TPJ Gift Guide

Prices starting from $35.

Recently, they brought in trendy jewelry pieces made by human trafficking survivors from Mexico, Uganda, California and India. With every piece, proceeds go towards helping them find work and dignity, and supports the work at Kallos as well. You can find out more about their powerful ministry over at their website!



Here at TPJ, we just released a whole new collection of Washi Tape! And you will be overjoyed to know that we have abolished the standard bundle of 6 (fixed designs) and given you the flexibility to choose your favourite designs - get them in a bundle of 3 and more to enjoy 10% off your Washi Tape orders. See, told you gifting season is the best!

The Psalm series get wiped out real quick, so just a friendly reminder - if you know anyone who loves Washi Tape, please go ahead and cart these out asap! ◡̈


Following our successful pilot run in 2019, we launched round two for our #TPJx Shop for Good Notebooks this September this year.

We gathered 10 like-minded artists (local and international) yearly to create 10 designs, which TPJ will then get them printed on notebooks. Part of the proceeds (not profit) from the sale of the #TPJx collection goes towards supporting the work of various non-profit organisations. This year, we have the privilege to give to Hagar Singapore, Habitat for Humanity, Tamar Village, and Safe Place.

Multiply your giving with us - shop for good and support good causes. Building a culture of Good, and making the world a better place, one notebook at a time. #ShopForGood


4. LET'S NOT FORGET THE LITTLE ONES (and their parents)!

Psalm 127:3 - Children are a gift from the Lord; they are a reward from him. 

Children are so precious! And the best time to mentor them and train them up is when they are young so that they will not depart from God’s ways.

Even if you’re not a parent yet, we have a duty to do that - to love, and to stand with our friends and their kids to raise the children up with the fear of the Lord. Sometimes it’s not easy, and (honest truth here) especially without the ‘convenience’ of putting our children’s spiritual health to the church this year - how can we still be intentional to build faith at home?

Fruit of the Spirit Devotional

Fruit of the Spirit Devotional, $24.90

Check out resources over at The Treasure Box SG (TTB). Their ultimate goal is to empower families to discover the treasures of knowing and experiencing Got together as a family. The Foongs are personal friends of TPJ - they left their well paying jobs in the Government sector to answer God’s call in serving families and to see the family altar restored.

Shop their family devotionals, activity boxes, and faith at home kits this season! Gift your family, or a family you love the gift of ‘Faith at Home’ - spur each other, let revival take place again in families!

The Treasure Box SG

First Things First Devotional Flash Cards, $42

TTB has also recently launched a 2021 Family Devotional Wall Planner - its a huge wall calendar for the entire family to have an overview of each other’s schedule, and it also includes space where you can paste encouragement stickers for each other! How cute and thoughtful is that!


Everyday Journal, $25.90

Let’s call people back to that place of stillness with Jesus. Our Everyday Journal includes sections to empower people to do just that - take five, thanksgiving, reading for the day, prayer for today, and letters to God. 

Other than the series of Devotional Journals we carry in our store, we want to share with you more amazing journals made by local lovers of Jesus. Ponder and Bind, a local brand, also champions journaling and is all about building a community that will rediscover their identity in God. Check out their gorgeous Small Beginnings Journal!

Ponder & Bind

Ponder & Bind

Small Beginnings Journal, photo adapted from @ponderandbind


This year, be determined to give good gifts. Gifts that empower, inspire, grow, and propels us forward in our pursuit of the Most High. Let us celebrate this season with lots of love, generosity, kindness, and grace - give each other a pat on the back for surviving 2020, for still being here, for trying, for giving, for loving. Enjoy your gifting season!

BONUS: If you read till here, you're in for a treat! 


Silly Penguin Bakes New York Cookies

Starting from $17.90 for a box of 3 cookies

Everyone needs that bit of sweetness in life, and over at Silly Penguin Bakes, you can get that sweetness in XL serving. Check out their huge New York style cookies freshly baked for sharing! Order in box of 3 or 5 via their IG for your Christmas gatherings coming December! Exclusive preview: they have Christmas flavours coming soon!

Banana Cakes

Professional pet sitter turns professional baker in 2020! Even though this year has been a whirlwind for them as Covid hits our land, the amazing humans behind CFH have braved through the storm victoriously, picked up a new skill, mastered it, and are now baking one of the best banana cakes in Singapore! We didn’t make that claim, their customers did. Try it for yourself! They are having a special Christmas sale right now, head over to their IG to check it out.


Not sure if you can tell by now, but we are so excited and cheery putting this gift guide together! We love the year-end season and we sure hope that this guide has been helpful for you as you pick up the perfect gifts for your community! 

*All photos adapted from respective IG accounts unless otherwise stated.

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