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Article: Be People of Grace, Not Judgement.

Be People of Grace, Not Judgement.

Give grace to others

In the depths of our humanity, we each find moments that reveal our imperfections. It's a sobering experience, but one that allows us to see our collective need for Jesus. He didn't come for the self-sufficient; He came for the broken, the humble, those who are poor in spirit. He came for us.


There's an unsettling ease with which judgement flows from us. Yet, what we all truly long for—and need—is grace. We've all stumbled, fallen short, let ourselves and others down. We've all been recipients of God's tremendous grace, a grace that humbles us and lifts us up at the same time.


As we walk this human journey, may we not be a people quick to point fingers or highlight flaws. May we be a people who breathe grace into every space we enter. After all, we've freely received; let's freely give. To judge is to forget our own need for grace. But to extend grace is to reflect the very heart of God, affirming that in our brokenness, we find unity, compassion, and a love that covers a multitude of sins.


So let's challenge ourselves daily: to be the carriers of grace, the extenders of love, and the reflectors of Jesus in a world that so desperately needs it. Because when we breathe grace instead of judgement, we're not just changing the atmosphere; we're pointing the way to the Saviour. 

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