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Article: Be Holy, but why?

Be Holy, but why?

BE HOLY, but why? And how? 

As believers, we often hear about the call to holiness, but what does it truly mean to be holy? Holiness, in its essence, is about being set apart for God, reflecting His character in our lives.

In our daily walk, let's strive for holiness, not as a burden, but as a joyful reflection of God's love in us. Let our every choice and every act of kindness be a step closer to mirroring His heart. ◡̈

Live a life of Holiness

What is holiness and why should we live a life of holiness?
Holiness, in its essence, is about being set apart for God, reflecting His character in our lives.
1. Understanding Holiness
The Bible speaks of holiness in several contexts. 1 Peter 1:16 says, "Be holy, for I am holy." This directive isn't about moral superiority but aligning our lives with the nature and character of God. Holiness is less about rule-following and more about relationship-fostering.
2. Why Pursue Holiness?
We are indeed made holy and righteous through Christ's work (Hebrews 10:10). This is not something we earn; it is a gift of grace. We are loved and accepted not because we are holy but because of what Christ has done for us.
Our pursuit of holiness, therefore, isn't about earning God's love or acceptance; it's about living out the transformation He has already achieved in us. It's a response to His grace, an endeavor to mirror the One who has called us.
3. Living a Life of Holiness:
  • Mindful Choices: Holiness in daily life could be as simple as choosing kindness over anger, honesty over deceit, or compassion over indifference. Each decision is an opportunity to reflect God’s character.


  • Spiritual Disciplines: Regular prayer, Bible study, and fellowship aren't just rituals; they're avenues to deepen our understanding of God and align our hearts with His.


  • Love in Action: Jesus exemplified holiness through love and service. Our actions towards others, especially the least and the lost, are potent expressions of holiness.
4. Importance of Holiness:
Living a holy life is important because it's a reflection of our intimate relationship with God. It's not about legalism; it’s about love – a love that transforms and manifests in every aspect of our lives.
In embracing holiness, we embrace a life that shines God’s light, a life that speaks of the profound changes He has made in us, and continues to make every day. As we walk this path, let’s remember it’s not about perfection but progress in His grace. ◡̈ 

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