3 Ways To Walk in Love

Jesus died and rose from the dead to forgive us of our sins, free us from our slavery, and fortify us in a way to walk in the newness of life. 


How do we, as God's redeemed people, walk in love every day?


1. Look out for others. 

Our unhealthy preoccupation with ourselves and our drive to satisfy our wants and desires remain in our world. But Jesus has shone the light of His love into this dark place and called us out. The greatest of all moral commands is to love God with all we are and all we have and to love our neighbours as ourselves. He has called us to orient and prioritise our lives around our love for God and for our neighbours. 

We demonstrate our love for God by our love for other people.


2. Love your enemies 

The way of love in following Jesus is the way of tearing down antagonisms and walls that divide. 

We are not called to agree with our enemies, we are called to love them. We love them by setting aside our judgment and listening to them, working hard to understand where they are coming from. We love them by seeing the world from their perspective and by showing respect, even in disagreements.

Jesus has taught us to love not only people like us but even people who are different, people we are supposed to be against.


3. Extend mercy 

We all want to follow Jesus by obeying all of His commands, but we are human beings after all, we will fail. Hence, we need God's mercy. Mercy flows directly from the love we receive from God. God exudes mercy, so should we.

Mercy is the outworking in the fallen time and history of the action of a God for whom love of the other is central of His being. – Colin Gunton

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