3 Lessons From The Life Of Joshua

Joshua has demonstrated such admirable qualities that would bring valuable lessons to any believer. His strong and courageous life of victory can inspire us to go all into a life lived in the passionate pursuit of our Lord! 

So, what can we learn from Joshua's life?


1. He was a man of courage. 

In Chapter 1, he was told 4 times to be courageous. He might have been afraid more times than the passage tells us, but he did not shrink back in fear. Instead, he overcame every obstacle the enemy put into his path and he courageously took a hold of the Promised Land. He fixed his eyes on the promises of God rather than fearing the obstacles of the enemy.

We are all in a spiritual battle of some sort. It takes courage to stand up to sin in this fallen world, to forgive, to take risks, to trust God with our finances and future. But God honours courage. Stand firm on God's promises today.


2. Joshua is not a quitter. 

He was a reliable warrior for God. Rather than focusing on what he could see physically, he focused on God's words and faithfully obeyed every command. God uses those who faithfully obey Him.

Do not focus on what your eyes see – everything we see is temporary and physical. There is an eternal and spiritual world that we cannot see, and yet is more real than this physical world. Trust the words of God. Faithfully obey His command.


3. God took 60 years to prepare Joshua for his leadership. 

20 years in Egypt. 40 years in the wilderness. 50 years in the Promised Land. Joshua spent 60 years in God's preparation for him to lead God's people into the Promised Land.

If you are waiting on God, if you're in the season of waiting or if you're in an 'in between' season – keep hanging on! God is constantly refining us and preparing us for what He has for us next. Surrender your lives to Him, and trust that in His good timing, He will use your story, your struggles and your talents for His glory.

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