Your Story Matters / Notebook
Your Story Matters / Notebook
Your Story Matters / Notebook
Your Story Matters / Notebook

Your Story Matters / Notebook

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Collaboration Details

  • Part of #TPJx Initiative to kickstart the culture of Good.
  • Design submitted by Promise (@promiseletters)
  • 20% of the proceeds from first month of launch (Oct - Nov 2019) will go towards supporting the work of Hagar Singapore.

At Hagar, we believe that lives broken by the traumas of human trafficking, slavery and human rights abuse can be made whole again. However, the road to recovery is often long and difficult as trauma is a deeply personal experience that impacts individuals on many different levels. To cater to these needs, Hagar provides long-term, individualised services for women and children, including residential and transitional care and support, legal aid, counselling, education, family services and employment in Cambodia, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Singapore and Myanmar. Our ultimate aim and satisfaction is in seeing once broken lives flourish. 

Product Details

  • Size: 13cm x 19cm
  • Hard Cover, Round Corners
  • Printed Cover with Matt Lamination
  • 80gsm Woodfree Paper (Off White)
  • Inner Bookmark Ribbon: Black
  • Back Pocket: Yes
  • 120 Blank Pages
  • Artist's Message Printed on Back Cover:
In this journey of life, we have been wounded in many ways. Some of us somehow found the courage to get back on our feet and try again, and some of us remained at rock-bottom. You’re not alone.

If you’re reading this, I hope you pick yourself up. Turn your pain and struggles into stories of hope. Let your past and present experiences be the foundation on which you can keep building your life. Don’t be afraid to revisit your past, it may be unpleasant but there is always something good to learn from it.

Remember your past, honour it, and let it be a stepping stone towards a better future.

Your story in this life is powerful and significant - to impact lives for good.

There is a story behind every scar.

Your life story matters, it is worth telling, and it is worth celebrating.

Own your story.