Do What You Can / Notebook
Do What You Can / Notebook
Do What You Can / Notebook
Do What You Can / Notebook

Do What You Can / Notebook

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Collaboration Details

  • Part of #TPJx Initiative to kickstart the culture of Good.
  • Design submitted by Aeri (
  • 20% of the proceeds from first month of launch (Sept-Oct 2019) will go towards supporting the work of The Red Pencil (Singapore).

The Red Pencil (Singapore) is an Institution of Public Character and a registered charity founded in Singapore with a mission to bring the benefits of arts therapy (drawing, music, movement and dance) to children, adults and low-income families who have been through overwhelming and traumatic life circumstances such life-threatening illness, violence and abuse, for which they may have no words.

The creative process of arts therapy allows beneficiaries to express the unspeakable, to experience release and relief, to find new resources, gain self-confidence and feel empowered to move on towards a more hopeful and happier life. The Red Pencil (Singapore) is dedicated to the resilience and long-term recovery of the most vulnerable from all walks of life, to allow them to grow and become healthy and happy human beings for the world of tomorrow.

 Product Details

  • Size: 13cm x 19cm
  • Hard Cover, Round Corners
  • Printed Cover with Matt Lamination
  • 80gsm Woodfree Paper (Off White)
  • Inner Bookmark Ribbon: Maroon Red
  • Back Pocket: Yes
  • 120 Blank Pages
  • Artist's Message Printed on Back Cover:

Did you know that daisies are so adaptable and hardy that they are found everywhere on Earth except Antarctica?

We often draw up excuses for ourselves for not accomplishing our goals and milestones, blaming our lack of resources - time, energy, money, skills, you name it - or even procrastinate by telling ourselves "I will begin when I have enough __ . " But what if there is never enough, and we spend our whole lives waiting for a day that would never come, only to realise at the end of our days that we never truly accomplished anything? This quote is meant to serve as a reminder to make the most of our circumstances and do the best that we can, with the resources that we have, no matter where we are. After all, the best time to start is now.