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Introducing part one of our #letterseries - Dear Child: My Letters to You, a collaboration with Treasure Box Singapore.

Some of the most precious gifts we could give to ourselves are milestones and memories of our loved ones. We love the idea of a time capsule -- though instant rewards are nice, they do not have the lasting effect of something special and personalised; something prepared way in advance for the recipient. Some things take longer to brew for their goodness to be fully appreciated.

Parenting is not an easy task but definitely fulfilling in many ways. Days and weeks pass by too quickly, and we want to assist parents as they seek to capture the precious journeys of their children + parenthood in a tangible way. This journal includes simple pointers for parents to jot down key events and space to express their thoughts.

This is not a simple, instant reward. This is a legacy that will impact the generations after you.

Product Details

Size: A5
Cover: Hard Cover in Beige, Gold Hotstamp
Binding: Thread Sewn
Paper Type: 100gsm, Woodfree
Pages: 129 Pages


  • Quotes
  • Milestones
  • Memorial Markers
  • Blank Pages for Your Letters

*Photos are for illustration purposes only. Colours may vary due to lighting conditions.

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