How To Spend Time With God Throughout The Day

Life can get so crazy. We often have so much going on – work, school, family, friends, relationships, and so much more. It's easy to get overwhelmed with 1001 things trying to get our attention.

Read on for 3 ways to keep spending time with God as our top priority!


1. Use your time wisely

Consider where you may have extra time throughout the day and use it wisely. It may not be a full hour or two, but a few 5-10 minutes would be perfect to say a quick prayer, read a short passage in the Bible, or listen to a worship song. Instead of spending that extra time to scroll on social media, try spending it with God. ◡̈


2. Listen to the Word with an audio Bible

With such advanced devices in our hands installed with so many apps, podcasts and other resources around the internet, the Word is accessible at our fingertips. You may not have the time to read the Bible as much as you want to, but you can listen to the Bible anywhere and at any time. Listen during your commute, or while eating your lunch, or even as you get ready in the morning.


3. Be intentional about your time with God

Intentionality is the key to everything. You can try as many methods as you want, but if you are not intentional about it, nothing will truly work. Purpose in your heart to spend time with God because you love Him and you want to know Him more!



How do you spend your time with God throughout the day? ◡̈