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Finding Rest in the Midst of Busyness

In today's society, 'being busy' has become a label that defines our importance. Jesus was also very busy during His time on earth. But despite His hectic schedules, He still managed to find rest. So how can we find rest in the midst of our busyness?

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Forgiving Without Closure

The desire to have closure in any given situation is just human nature. We like to have things done in a full cycle, and we often want explanations for things that we don't understand. But sometimes, things don't go our way and we won't be able to get the closure we hoped for. So how do we forgive without closure?    Read on for 3 points that we have learnt about forgiveness.   1. Forgiveness is a process. There may be different levels on which that you have to let go of, it may take months or years. Forgiveness is a process and it requires time. Emotions will re-surface, and certain situations will trigger the pain. Allow your heart the...

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