• Dry Seasons: 5 Habits to Help You Through

    Seasons of spiritual dryness can be exhausting, awful, and heart-wrenching. I’ve had days when approaching the Word and spending time with Daddy G...
  • REST: 8 ways to know if you are fully rested

    Resting in the Lord is a journey I am constantly on. It feels like a game where I conquer a level of ‘Rest’ only to be reminded that there’s yet another. And another. Through this journey, I am beginning to realise to a greater extent that the Lord’s desire for us is to return to the garden of Eden - His original intent - for us to enjoy rest with Him.
  • Why I stopped using ‘GCG’ and GCB’

    Good Christian Girl (GCG).
    Good Christian Boy (GCB).

    What comes to mind? 
    Do you think of someone in your cell group? Or a church leader? 

    Recently, more people have been using the terms ‘GCG’ or ‘GCB’. I’ve even heard non-believers use them. They’re often used to describe Christians who are outwardly devoted, don't curse, don't drink, or don’t engage in vices frequently (or at all). 

  • Covid-19 in Europe: How thanksgiving changed the way I viewed getting recalled back.

    On Sunday, 15th March, I woke up to a press release from MOE. It was the letter I was dreading: the official recall of all overseas students. My heart was flooded with mixed emotions. I felt relieved as the UK had a surge of Covid-19 cases and I no longer felt safe. But I also felt immense sadness as I was forced to leave this beautiful continent. I remember even asking God, “Did You not want me to get closer to you? Did You not want me to rest? Why are You doing this just as I started settling down in this foreign land?”
  • Circuit Breaker didn't break them

    Since Covid-19 and circuit breaker started, I have been hearing so many stories about couples breaking up or families getting into fights. Some cou...
  • Honouring Our Fathers

    By Leow Sue Yu   Recently, I have been seeing my father a lot more due to the Circuit Breaker. We’ve been talking more, eating together more, playi...
  • Declare Your Way into a Year of Freedom

    By frequently putting His Truth on our lips, we are building a fortress of Truth in our minds. This fortress will allow us to withstand the fiery arrows of lies and accusations that the enemy throws at us. When our minds are so filled with whatever is true, noble, right, pure, lovely, admirable, praiseworthy, and excellent (Phil 4:8), we have no more room for the lies and negative words spoken over us.