• 3 REASONS why 2020 has been a year of goodness

    This year was difficult, painful, and downright crappy in many ways. But I believe this was still a year of God’s goodness, not simply despite the overt chaos that has permeated it, but because of it. We need only to open our spiritual eyes to see beyond the physical, and get in touch with His heart.
  • Monuments of Sin

    Sin is wrong and unholy. Yet, there are times in the past, moments of sin, upon which we look back with a certain nostalgia and go, "Yeah, those were the days. They were fun. They were pleasurable.” We sigh as we drift off in sweet reminiscence. And then, snapping back to the reality of our salvation, we go, “But... but... I don't live that life anymore! I belong to God now." We give a big smile to hide our feelings. ... Even though we may have turned away from our old lifestyles and repented, some of us had already built monuments on some of those moments.
  • Do you really want Jesus?

    What does having Jesus mean to you? To me? To us? If having Jesus means giving up on everything, then why would anyone want Jesus? What’s there to gain, what’s in it for us?