• To stumble and grow: 3 things I learnt during my internship

    By Leow Sue Yu By the time you read this, my internship with The Project J would have ended. For a little over two months, I was the Marketing and ...
  • Learning to be offline in an online world

    By Leow Sue Yu I am your typical Gen-Z girl. Whether it’s for socialising or shopping or keeping up with the news, I do it digitally and online. Th...
  • Why I stopped using ‘GCG’ and GCB’

    Good Christian Girl (GCG).
    Good Christian Boy (GCB).

    What comes to mind? 
    Do you think of someone in your cell group? Or a church leader? 

    Recently, more people have been using the terms ‘GCG’ or ‘GCB’. I’ve even heard non-believers use them. They’re often used to describe Christians who are outwardly devoted, don't curse, don't drink, or don’t engage in vices frequently (or at all). 

  • Monuments of Sin

    Sin is wrong and unholy. Yet, there are times in the past, moments of sin, upon which we look back with a certain nostalgia and go, "Yeah, those were the days. They were fun. They were pleasurable.” We sigh as we drift off in sweet reminiscence. And then, snapping back to the reality of our salvation, we go, “But... but... I don't live that life anymore! I belong to God now." We give a big smile to hide our feelings. ... Even though we may have turned away from our old lifestyles and repented, some of us had already built monuments on some of those moments.
  • Declare Your Way into a Year of Freedom

    By frequently putting His Truth on our lips, we are building a fortress of Truth in our minds. This fortress will allow us to withstand the fiery arrows of lies and accusations that the enemy throws at us. When our minds are so filled with whatever is true, noble, right, pure, lovely, admirable, praiseworthy, and excellent (Phil 4:8), we have no more room for the lies and negative words spoken over us.