• 3 REASONS why 2020 has been a year of goodness

    This year was difficult, painful, and downright crappy in many ways. But I believe this was still a year of God’s goodness, not simply despite the overt chaos that has permeated it, but because of it. We need only to open our spiritual eyes to see beyond the physical, and get in touch with His heart.
  • Who Writes My Name?

    Our culture now tells us we have to live up to a certain standard - have a large amount of money in our banks; attain a high ranking job; have a huge social media following or ‘likes’ on our posts - in order to be “successful”. I’m not saying those are wrong to have. But as I pondered about it, I questioned myself, “Do these really form the foundation of identity that God has meant for me?”

  • Dry Seasons: 5 Habits to Help You Through

    Seasons of spiritual dryness can be exhausting, awful, and heart-wrenching. I’ve had days when approaching the Word and spending time with Daddy G...
  • Declare Your Way into a Year of Freedom

    By frequently putting His Truth on our lips, we are building a fortress of Truth in our minds. This fortress will allow us to withstand the fiery arrows of lies and accusations that the enemy throws at us. When our minds are so filled with whatever is true, noble, right, pure, lovely, admirable, praiseworthy, and excellent (Phil 4:8), we have no more room for the lies and negative words spoken over us.