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Article: Finding Rest In The Midst Of Busyness

Finding Rest In The Midst Of Busyness

In today's society, 'being busy' has become a label that defines our importance.


We are busy because we are needed.

We are busy because our job is important.

We are busy because it is the mark of success.

We are busy because we have to make ends meet.


Some of us have become so busy that we struggle to find real rest, and some of us feel uneasy when there is nothing to get done.


Jesus was also very busy during His time on earth. But despite His hectic schedules, He still managed to find rest. If there is anyone that we should learn rest from, it is from our Lord Jesus Himself. ◡̈

He had the heaviest responsibility in the whole universe, and He only had a limited time to do what He was sent to do. Not to forget, He was also limited as a human, but yet He was able to tick off all the to-do(s) on His list, and still find joy, peace and rest.

He never hustles, but he moves and does things with purpose and intent - not for His own gain but out of love for us.

So how can we find rest in the midst of our busyness?


Stay still in God's presence.

In Scriptures, we read that Jesus spent a huge amount of time alone with His Father. While some of us consider every second crucial to our incomplete task, Jesus considered His time with His Father far more important than what He had to do on His list.

Make the decision to spend more time with God today. Make it your no.1 priority, even if your schedule and tasks pile up.


Take the posture of surrender.

Remember that God is in control. God is the One on the throne, not us. He is the only One who is ruling and reigning in the world. He has our life — past, present and future — in His hands, and He is working out His sovereign plan for His glory and for our good.

Take some time to tell God your worries and troubles today, and surrender them to Him. There's no greater joy than to let it all go, knowing that He makes all things beautiful in His time. ◡̈


Stay focus on the goal.

Jesus was always focused on fulfilling His Father's will. He never carried unnecessary responsibilities and let them get in His way. He was focused until it was finished – He was never distracted by anything.

Remember the goal of your task, keep your eyes fixed on it, and set strict boundaries to keep distractions out.



What are some ways you find rest in the midst of busyness and cope with stress?

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