3 ways to be more like Jesus (part 1)

The ideal is that we all want to be more like Jesus, to reflect His love and shine His light everywhere we go but the truth is, it's not easy to be like Jesus. 

Yet the good news is, Jesus doesn't judge us based on our works, and He has given us the grace to imitate Him.


Read on for 3 ways to be more like Jesus!


1. Unconditional Love 

There were no conditions to Jesus' love for us. He gave up His throne, beauty, glory and position to die for me and you. He did it to save us because He loved us so much, even though we do not deserve His love. 

It is almost impossible for us to display unconditional love to others if we do not embrace and experience His unconditional love for us first. Take time to bask in His love today. 

Then ask yourself, how can you display unconditional love to others? How can you love others with your heart? 


The way you choose to love others might be the way they experience a glimpse of the Father's love.


2. Prayerful Life 

You can only have a personal relationship with someone you spend time with. 

Jesus spent time daily with our Father in prayer – He knew how important it was to be connected and have a personal relationship with the Father. 


Is spending time in prayer with your Father a priority in your life? Remember – He is always with you, and He loves to hear your voice. Don't do it out of a sense of duty, do it because of a desire to grow in intimacy with Him. That's all prayer is – conversations about anything under the sun with your Father! ◡̈


3. Humility 

Jesus was the King of Kings, but yet He still came down to serve. 

Being humble is not being a wimp, or putting yourself down and let people walk all over you. No. 

Being humble is surrendering yourself under the mighty hand of God. Knowing deep within your heart that you are His child and no matter what, He is going to take care of you. 


Our purpose on Earth is to bring glory to God. Being humble is putting God and His will first - using your God-given talents and gifts to serve others.



Father, we thank You for Your unconditional love over us. As we grow to be more like Jesus, we lean on Your grace and ask for a double portion of Your strength. Thank You that You are on this journey with us. Help us to shine Your light whenever we go, and give us a deeper desire to know You.

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose.

Romans 8:28 NIV